Let the games begin(reno games that is!)

So we finally got started on the reno's in our new home!!! How exciting...correct! Well not so correct....we have had an array of problems with our cars which is really putting a dent into our time and funds for renovating. Somehow we are managing and not allowing it to damper our moods! 

Here is a picture mid way....

And the kitchen over course....

We finally got into the new house last weekend and in 4 hours (with the help of a friend) were able to rip out the kitchen and some walls that needed to come down. Our decorator asked us to try and get the kitchen cleared out and also take down 2 of the walls so we could have a more clear view of what the new kitchen dimensions would be and also what the structure was like under some of those walls. Mostly all good news! We have to add some extra support structures but other then that most the of existing structure is in good condition and made fairly well. We were able to head over to the house Wed night and clear out at least 10 bags of garbage. One of the greatest things about living in the country is that they pick up more then 2 bags!! ;) On Thurs we headed back over there to finish up some more cleaning and get it ready for the weekend to go over and take measurements. 

Feels so good to have this start! Before we started the gutting of the place we estimated it would take us 2-4 days to clear out the kitchen/living/dining area...we were almost dead on for time. It took us probably combined 3 days. Hopefully our goal of moving in within 3-4 months is correct as well!! 

Pictures now of the clean up... 

Good bye kitchen..... 

Up next disconnecting the electrical, adding some new beams and figuring out window dimensions....

Until next time happy renovating!!! 


We Got the Keys!!!

I wrote this a while ago but never got a chance to post it!!! 

We finally picked up the keys to our new dream home! Originally we thought we were getting the keys on Feb.9th as this is what our lawyer had informed us but Branko received an email from the sellers lawyer advising the keys were ready to be picked up on Feb 7th! So last night we made our way over there after work. 

Driving down our new street around 5pm;the sun was just starting to set. It really felt picture perfect!

To our surprise we had 2 cards in envelopes sitting on the kitchen table with our names on them. Opened the first card and it was a lovely note from our new neighbours. Telling us a bit about themselves and welcoming us to the street! They are a retired couple who obviously love to travel since they advised we won't be able to meet them till April. They were just preparing to leave for South Africa! (maybe they can convince my husband to fly one day!) The second card was from the sellers of the house. This was an estate sale so the house was left to the 3 children. They left us there names and contact numbers in case we needed to know anything about the property and also a little story talking about how when each tree was planted they had a celebration around each tree! Talk about real outdoors people! 

After reading the cards we walked out onto the deck and took our first picture together in our new home! The sun was just setting and the moment was perfect! 

This weekend is wrecking weekend! Will definately update next week with our progress!