Garage Update - Dream Garage

Just a quick update on the garage as I am on vacation! The garage will have an ongoing garage update posts and I feel like it needs a special title that can be continuous.... Man Cave, Dream Garage..a co-worker calls it the Man Mansion...What should I call it??

Over the weekend we worked on putting up the walls, the first day was long and tiring but the second day seemed to motor along really quickly. 

If you've just started following along you can check out the details of the garage details here

Six garage doors in the front, 2 man doors at each end, and 2 large windows on each pop out. 

The trusses will take 4 weeks to be ordered so for now this is how it will sit and during this time we will work on the house, so stay tuned for more updates!

I will leave you with this picture I was able to snap this morning, it was nice and dewy here with a red tint in the sky....

Hope you all have a great last week of summer and a Happy Long Weekend! 


A day in the life of building a garage

Last week as we were working outside in the burning sun I felt the need to go home and grab my nice camera and snap some photos of the tools.

UMMMMMMMMMM have a I gone crazy??????????? I'm taking picture of tools! I need to get to a mall stat and do some shopping! Retail therapy because I am beginning to enjoy this whole garage thing too much! 

So back to my story....I decided it would be fun to capture snippets of the tools in the sand, have them printed and framed for the garage. Maybe this post should be called "memory of the damn sand that is creating a disaster at the old house."

Country Stereo Stand

Neighbours tractor that is saving our backs. 

Hopefully we don't lose those keys in the sand. 

Go ahead ask who helped install forms. 

Pencils are orange for a good reason. 

This kid has been put the test. 

A rusty blue hammer that has taken some beatings. 

Watch your fingers. 

I swear I help. 

A beach volleyball court may be a part of our future. 

Cheesy or not the garage is really taking place now and seeing this project come together is becoming more and more exciting.

Stay tuned...more to come next week!! 


Guest Posting!

Hi Everybody!

I will be guest posting over at Home On 129 Acres while Julia and Matt are on vacation.

Go take a peek at our Landscaping Revamp and also make sure you check out Julia's Blog. Her and Matt live on a sprawling 100 acres! They are working hard on making this their dream home.

Hope everybody had a great weekend!


Friday Dreaming....The Garage

This post is mainly for my husband....

He has worked so hard to one day be able to build a garage that exceeded his dreams... you know those Jay Leno kind of dreams. When he was younger and would see other dream garages he would always say to the person "Wow, this is amazing I hope one day that I could have something like this"...and now his time has come.

Some people question is ability and strength. Some people don't like his honesty or his way of words.

But people who know him best know he would drop everything if you needed his help...he would do anything for me.

AND now it his time to enjoy all of his accomplishments and all of his kindness, it is his time to create the DREAM garage.

Here is a snap shot of the footings we have been working away at...Yes all 4800 sq.ft of happiness going on right there.

 Sand, sand and more sand...is it weird that our soil is sand...like beach sand...maybe we will build a beach one day from all the extra sand.

And now for some Dreamy Ideas that we hope to happen in here...

A hoist...or maybe 2.

Lots and lots of shelving....

Some more cars to add to this collection

And last but not least...a lounge area because what would a man cave/dream garage be without it...

Don't forget to check out our page of our classic car small collection that has already started. 

Do you have any dreamy garages you want to share with us?? We would love to see them. 


Civic Holiday Long Weekend

Remember how I wrote a really cool post about the big plans we had for the weekend and how much work we were going to get done....

That did not happen.....instead this happened. 

Our water pump failed on us, so Friday night was spent with a shopping trip to Princess Auto and fixing the problem...then doing a glorious happy dance when we had water again.

Then this happened.....my car failed. There fore most of Sat. was spent working on the car.

We were also on a mission to get these doors....remember Friday Dreaming...Vintage Doors from a church in the Beach(or beaches, i was never really sure) for $100/pair. They are massive and beautiful and we cannot wait to refinish them. 

Just for fun I snapped some photos of inside the "Forever Home"

We have made headway on the Garage(which by the way is 500 sq.ft bigger than planned) and means the garage is now going to be around 4800 sq.ft. We started on the footings...

AND last but not least we cooked on the BBQ but with lack of outdoor furniture(we are trying to hold off on new purchases until the "Forever Home" is ready) we used this so that we could sit outside and eat.

Don't Judge....
(Mastercraft work bench from Canadian Tire)

So there you have it our long weekend revamped. Hope everybody had a great long weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather! 


Friday Dreaming....Main Doors & Pantry Door

Yesterday I went a little twitter happy when Branko emailed me 2 different Kijiji Finds. 

I have been dreaming about 2 things lately...

Vintage doors with glass for our future pantry,
clearly ours would say something different but you get the idea!! 
(this picture is not mine nore a part of my home, source unknown, the pictures link doesn't link up)

Branko found these on Kijiji...we didn't buy them but this is very close to what I would dream about having...

The second thing we have been dreaming about is our main entrance front doors....
this is where my excitement over came me because these doors are stunning and a steal! 

OURS for $100!! Solid Wood Oak Doors...

We dream about doing this to them....

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend!