My husband, Branko (super duper handy man / car fixer / joker / lover of animals / nature freak / environmentalist) always had a dream of living on a beautiful piece of land where he could enjoy his car hobby and breath the crisp air everyday while I, Danica, (lover of shopping / home reality show fanatic / sarcastic), am a small town girl who grew up in Northern Ontario and gained a hard work ethic from my parents.

     We met in 2006 while both of our parents were going through major home building projects. Through this we hit it off right away and realized we had the same work and life ideals. He bought his first home in the country and I soon joined him and moved out there (and somewhere in between, we also got married!) 

     It started out as a small home on two and a half acres of land. When the time came to decide to do a home addition, we soon both realized more land was needed. So we went on a home hunt! We found the most beautiful house on a hill with a stunning forty-nine acres. As soon as we scooped up the place, the real adventure began!

     Our blog will follow our adventures of our home renovation. We are determined to complete all of the work on our own.... I hope you have fun following us on our journey.

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