When we purchased our new home it had not been lived in for 10years (we didn't know this), we thought it was about two years. The house was in the same family for forty years and some belongings were left in the house. Surprisingly for the fact that it was not lived in for so long, it was kept pretty clean. They had left a few pieces of furniture and lighting that we decided to keep. 

So now the question is what to do with it! They left two solid wood twin beds which I know will come in handy one day when we have kids, and also one will be set up in our "spare" room for now for when guests come over. Branko's parents said they have some small twin mattresses that are fairly new that we can take, which is great!  They also left two sold wood dressers, two wood chairs, a small side table that can hold magazines, and a chandelier. 

Any ideas people??? I've been reading around a lot about refinishing wood and staining them but I have to just wait a bit more until I figure out what the colours in my home will be... but I would love to hear readers opinions and/or any tips on refinishing wood. 

For the chandelier, I've already come across a neat little idea from http://thesweetestdigs.com. She had a similar chandelier left in her home and painted it white, so I am thinking for the small spare bedroom I might paint one of the bed frames white along with the chandelier and add some colour with curtains/wall colour. 

Even though we are still in the beginning stages of our home, I am constantly thinking of design ideas I need to be ready for. This way, when the time comes, I won't be panicking and making rash decisions! 


  1. Nice stuff!
    Love how you blog has been changing in style also. You are quite the renovator.
    I'm with you on not making rash decisions though. The best idea will come to you.
    Unfortunately, I haven't got any of my own to share right now..hahahaha

    Mrs White

  2. Great stuff! All that was really left behind? That dresser has some serious potential for the 2 tone look ;)

  3. Thanks! There are also 3 more pieces that I forgot to get a picture of that I have moved to the basement for now! It was an estate sale so lots of things were left behind. Once our reno's our done I will figure out how to use the pieces left for us :)