Friday Dreaming....Main Doors & Pantry Door

Yesterday I went a little twitter happy when Branko emailed me 2 different Kijiji Finds. 

I have been dreaming about 2 things lately...

Vintage doors with glass for our future pantry,
clearly ours would say something different but you get the idea!! 
(this picture is not mine nore a part of my home, source unknown, the pictures link doesn't link up)

Branko found these on Kijiji...we didn't buy them but this is very close to what I would dream about having...

The second thing we have been dreaming about is our main entrance front doors....
this is where my excitement over came me because these doors are stunning and a steal! 

OURS for $100!! Solid Wood Oak Doors...

We dream about doing this to them....

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend! 


  1. Wow! What a steal! Those doors are perfection!

  2. Amazing find on those doors! Do you have very many auctions near you? We picked up three antique doors, complete with hardware, for $2 once. I refinished one completely, but it was too small to work in our house. I started refinishing a second, but never finished. Although it might work in the new house...which would be pretty handy if it did since we have some cheapo hollow core doors to replace (I have no idea what happened to the originals).

    And my ramble is now over. Have a good weekend!

    1. Not sure if we have any auctions in our area but Cookstown has an antique market on the weekends that I am going to try and get out too....

  3. I love those doors. I have photos of a door from my grandmother's house that's very similar to the first one, just waiting for the day when I can have a replica made. What a great score on your double doors. You can't buy a single new front door for that price!

    1. No kidding eh! We looked at 1 solid wood door one time and the price tag was around $2000.

  4. LOVE old doors ...oh you know that already ! :) The hot baths one is sooooo pretty. Is that the one we talked about? Do you want to sell it or trade it? I have a ton of old funky doors here in the barn. Maybe we could do a swap for something you need ? xo

    1. Ohhhh the "Hot Bath" one is just something I found on Pinterest. I want to mimic this idea using the same type of door for our pantry. Once you walk into the house from the main entrance the Pantry will be right there so I need it too look pretty and not just like a random door! lol

      The double doors is something we picked up from Kijiji and are going to use as our Main Entrance doors!

      Also, I was very much inspired by your doors and your amazing way of thinking!