What would you do....

I have a confession to make. I haven't been writing as passionately as I would like to be about the "Forever Home" because truthfully I am overwhelmed with all of the decisions we have to make so soon.

Who knew that such a simple thing like the placement of a window was going to be so difficult.

I am not a designer.

I am not an architect

and lastly

I am not a good decision maker.

We are framing the master bedroom and the placement of the windows are very important. I am trying to think of furniture placement and the way the sun will shine in from the windows. Where will the mirror and the TV(yes we are having a TV in our bedroom, don't judge) go.
picture via HomeAdore

How much room do I need in the master bathroom. I want the free standing tub directly under the window. But do I want the window to go down to the tub or have it higher up since this is a ground level people can easily look in.
picture via House Beautiful 

What kind of windows do I install. Do I want a window with a mullion in the middle or just 1 nice window that doesn't open. (the side window would open where the sitting space will be)
picture via Home Adore 

Branko has changed his mind on the fa├žade of the house and is now thinking he might want Board and Batton(cedar) with stone. BUT how do we place the stone. The walk out basement is very tricky and we can only use Ledger stone.
picture via Dream Home Source 

How do I want the front over hang to look...do I want pillars or leave it?????

Ohhhh and the ceiling inside the house. We have to rip down most of the cedar ceiling to have spray foam done. I have been given the option to leave the the middle of the house with the cedar...do I whitewash that to give it a unique look or do I just rip it all down and drywall it. AND if the ceilings are going to be white what colour do I stain the beams?????
picture via myself! This is one of the original pictures of the living room before we ripped everything out. 

WHAT WILL BE THE EASIEST WAY TO DO THE PROJECT - this is one of our biggest obstacles. When you are working on something so grande with only 2 people some of the decisions really have to take place surrounding the level of difficulty in the work process.

At least I still know I want a grey kitchen.....
If anybody knows where this picture is originally from please let me know, as I would love to see the rest of this kitchen! 

Thanks for listening friends!! Next week I will be back with Part 2 of the DIY Home Additions!!! 


  1. Lord honey, I feel ya! I could never take this on!!! I like all your pictures so go with that :)

    Maybe just do windows that open on one wall and leave the best view windows clear?

  2. bah I posted something and it didnt go through!

    1. I dont envy you, I suck at these decisions too
    2. I like all the photos you put in here
    3. maybe use clear windows on the side with the best view, and windows that open on the other wall

    1. I posted both of your comments for pure enjoyment...it's weird that they show you the first one didn't go through!!

  3. First things first, take a deep breath.

    Everything probably feels like it's all coming at once and that the decisions need to be made, like yesterday.

    As far as windows are concerned, I'm assuming you've done the hard part and picked an exposure (wall). Collect some pictures that you like (like you've done here) and really imagine (visualize) how each would look in your finished space. It sounds hard, but it's not—you'll feel immediately when you're drawn to a style or design—put aside those examples or styles that don't immediately grab you with a big old "yes!"

    Next, measure your tub (if you already have it) or collect the dimensions of soaker tubs in the styles you like. Make an average of the measurements plus say 6 to 12" (-/+) as your "buffer". You will have the height that the windows can go "no lower than."

    Go back to the examples of windows that has your attention the way your future grey kitchen does and with the new measurement restrictions try and eliminate styles that really wouldn't "fit" that space and pay attention to those that still complement the available area.

    If the view is really nice (which it probably is hellloooo!) you probably won't want to have any interference or distractions.

    You should have it paired down to one to three pretty specific styles at this point. With a little input from Branko and price shopping you should be able to make a final decision.

  4. As far as the ceiling in the living room goes, that's a tough call. It's really dependent on what overall style you're leaning toward when all is said and done.

    To me the room just screams MCM, so of course I'm thinking in my mcm loving heart white walls! exposed beams! whitewashed cedar! funky hanging pendants! low-slung chairs!

    But, that's just me. From what I've seen from some of the inspiration pictures you've posted you lean a little toward timeless/traditional with a modern touch so that's definitely something to keep in mind when thinking of the overall finish. You don't want to have a spaceship kitchen open-concepting into a traditional craftsman dining room—it would be awkward— just so here if you have some fairly set ideas on other style elements throughout the house you don't want to make this space feel incongruous to the whole by going too far in a different direction.

    If you do decide on white ceilings, the beams could really be stained any colour but I would suggest leaving them dark as a visual contrast if you want to highlight the feature or, strip them, seal them and paint them to match the ceiling with some low profile mouldings (cove, quarter round etc whatever you like) to minimize the appearance and have them become part of the background.

  5. Thanks for being so open. Good luck with your decisions. I know there are deadlines with construction and you don't want to delay forever. However, don't feel bad about giving yourself some time to just relax. Sometimes when your mind is clear, the answer will come to you.