Random Acts of Kindness

DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!

We all get excited for date night especially us girls since we generally like to get dressed up, do our hair and make-up and go out with our husbands. Whatever it is the night may entail a nice dinner, a hockey game maybe even just a couple of drinks at your local bar. 

Our date night usually involves dinner and a hockey game. I get a little more giddy then Branko because lately we haven't had time to get out like we used to...as the B-man would call it back in our "Honeymoon" stage when dinners were our thing and we would go all the time. 

We had tickets for the hockey game that started at 7pm, so we left the house early and mapped out a restaurant on our way downtown. Milestones is one of my favorite places since it's not too casual but also not too fancy plus the Bellini's are amazing! (maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I really go just for the Bellini's ;)

Our waiter Matt was awesome! Nothing can ruin a night out as quickly as a bad waiter. But he doted on us all night and didn't rush us to get out of there.

I was kidding, I like the steak too.

At some point Branko says this "what if we just give our tickets away to a random father and son". Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WHAT - it's our DATE NIGHT! 

But my selfish thoughts quickly went out the door and it became a game of eyeing creeping out families in the restaurant........when we said OK lets just do it we called our waiter over.

Conversation with Matt went like this:

US:  "we have a question??" 

Matt: " ya, sure go ahead"

US: " we want to randomly give our tickets away to a father and son in the restaurant"


US: (totally caught off guard by Matt's response) "ummmm I dunno just to do something nice, so can you look for a father and son and ask them if you had the opportunity to go to the Leafs game tonight would you go?"

Matt was eager - him and 2 other waiters quickly started searching the restaurant. The first family was a fail because they wanted 3 tickets. But then the next family - a father, son, and what looked to be like the grandparents were completely shocked and excited(Matt told us that)

Branko quickly ran to the car and grabbed the tickets. The father looked so excited and said to us " Are you serious???" The son just had the biggest smile on his face. The grandparents looked beyond elated. We didn't exchange names or anything like that. We were at the table for about 1 min and had our jackets on since we were done dinner. 

We left that restaurant like 2 little kids practically skipping out of there. The feeling of random acts of kindness is pretty awesome. We are day in  and day out extremely hard workers. We are thankful for everything we have and never want to take for granted the opportunities that we have been handed. Neither of us came from extremely wealthy families but hard working families. 

I'm sharing our story because I hope it encourages more people to take this lead. I can tell you this isn't our first random act of kindness but probably our biggest. Time and time again the feeling is always the same, the feeling of gratefulness.

This is how we ended up watching the game....Starbucks in hand.

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?????? I hope you share below.

(sorry for all the crappy pictures, they were taken with my blackberry)


  1. Leaf tickets aint cheap so that is a grand present!!! One time I gave away raptors tickets to a guy in my apartment building who I knew only a little. He was soooo excited. It is fun to see someone have their day made like that :)

    PS- did my quiz last week make you crave Milestones? hahah.

  2. Oh man! That's amazing. You guys are awesome. <3

  3. LOVE that!! That's very cool of you guys and yeah, what comes around goes around!! Good vibes to you!!

  4. I love to hear about stories like this. It provides counter balance to the other negative crap around us.

  5. Wow! I'm betting you made someones month! This was a really nice gesture!

  6. That is so sweet! Good on you guys! Hopefully karma will be good to you :)

  7. MARJOR KARMA POINTS! I love random acts of kindness; this is so amazing. Also... the bellini's a milestone are the BEST!

  8. I LOVE that! I try to do small random act of kindness s often as possible--letting someone cut in front of me in the school parking lot every day, offering someone my place in the checkout lane et .

  9. What a generous thing to do! I'm sure the family was thrilled. Leafs games are expensive and a lot of parents can't afford to give their kids the experience of going to a game. What a great memory for them....and you!

  10. I love Love LOVE this!! What an amazing and generous thing to to! I'm a huge fan of random acts of kindness & feel like we'd live in a much nicer world if there were more people who did things like this! Good on you guys!

  11. Love love love this story! So much fun and definitely inspiring! Once my friend had an extra VIP ticket to a TIFF premier, and we went down the long line of people hoping to get in and we picked a nice boy and brought him to the front with us. The only criteria was he had to give his mom a nice phonecall! That was a lot of fun, so I can imagine how much fun your random act of kindness way. Great post!

  12. I LOVE this story, Danica! I followed you Twitter feed, too. So awesome! That family must have been so incredibly shocked and grateful. High five!

  13. Wow!! You just brought THE biggest smile to my face! You guys are amazing!

  14. WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! That is seriously amazing. You guys didn't just give that kid an awesome night, you taught him a lesson on kindness and giving, too, so good for you guys!!