Harvest Table Update!

Some time ago I talked about my Harvest Table that we are having made for the dining room. 

On Saturday we made a visit to the little shop in Cookstown where the table is being made. 

Doesn't she look fabulous! Ok, ok I know much hasn't been done other then putting the 2 pieces together but still! The 2 end pieces will actually be cut differently so they are not straight edged. You can see the pencil drawings on what he was thinking about doing. Also, the live edges will be made more prominent. 

The leg standing beside it was a mock leg that he made so he can test out the shape of the leg, there will be some inserts cut into the leg to give them some character. 

Sort of like this:

We also picked out a colour, decided to go with a walnut stain. This was tough one also, because the wood was so old it just soaked up the colour and it was initially really dark. I didn't like it but the owner was able to water the colour down and it looked much better. 

They also had this coffee table that Branko has been eyeing since the first time we went in there, I told him no way it was going upstairs but if he wanted it for the basement I would be ok with that. He debated and debated, every time we went in it would still be sitting there. 

Finally he bought it on Saturday! Haha only because another customer came in and said "oh my coffee table is still here". Branko quickly pulled James in the back and said please go tell that guy that table is sold here is the deposit! LOL. 

So $400 bucks later, we have a new coffee table for the basement. It would have been originally $600 but he sells most of his floor stuff cheaper to make room for the small shop they have. 

If anybody has been following along they are fully aware that I am considering painting one wall navy blue...the other day I found this picture on pinterest and felt like the picture was made for me! It even had a harvest table setting feature! 

Picture via Dining Room Makeover 

It was love at first site! 

For now I will dream....

Tell me have you had a Harvest Table made...any advice? 


  1. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


    1. Hi Brian,

      Feel free to leave your question below and I will back to you!


  2. Harvest table advice :
    Yes, I have had a harvest table made. But, of course :) LOL !! I have had lights made from teapots too, but I'm weird like that. Who does THAT ?!

    Best advice I can give you is to use old wood! We had ours made with 100 year old wood, and it finished up gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ! We did the same on our countertops in the kitchen.

    We also had 2 square looking holes put in on each end, to add in leaves to the table. An old fashioned style that looked great. I wish I had photos, but I sold it. Dang. I never sell anything, but that one, I did. I did.

    Big hugs to Mr. Chain saw man... now that he will look like a ghost buster every single time he heads out to cut wood :) LOL

    1. Hmmm I know the wood is old but I am not sure how old, probably around 50years I think??

      The carpenter asked if we wanted the crevices filled up or left to be unique and I asked for him to please make sure there are no type of holes or anything!! That husband of mine is a messy eater! If I had a hole in the table there would always be food on the floor in that specific spot! ;)

      HAHAHA the ghost buster comment...no words...just hilarious... I love it.