No Going Back.....

We have decided that the flooring in the new home must go. The original plan was to use this as a sub floor and just put new hardwood on top. 

Who wants creaking floors.....not us. 

We had a good plan in place. 

Branko would rip out the hardwood...

I would launch them off of the deck towards the fire...

It was going great until he had to rip out the cardboard stuff they had under the hardwood...

This stuff was a real b**tch to take out and will probably be the hardest part of the job. 

The good thing is all of the dust and dirt will officially be gone. I don't think I could have ever cleaned enough between the cracks to remove all of the filth. 

Even though this will be a tough job it will be worth it in the long run. 

Here is a snap shot of the kitchen area we completed yesterday. 

 Any advice on removing that cardboard stuff??? 

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