You've Got Mail.....

Came into work to open up an email from Branko....

Whenever the email subject line says  "SCHEDULE" I know we are back in business.. 

My weekends of slacking, taking afternoon naps, frolicking around the city in my free gas driving car, and pretty much doing nothing to the point of boredom days are over. 
Say Hello to "Boss" he usually monitors what we are doing and enjoys taking breaks with me.  

To be honest...I'm pretty happy about this because seeing the "Forever Home" come together is going to be very exciting. 

So here it is kids....the start of schedules and busy weekends. 


Take important note to the excitement Branko has with the fact that the truck is back up and running!  

Hope you all stick around for the ride!! 


  1. Just found your blog, and I am:
    1. jealous of your totally awesome and brave and huge renovations on your massive plot of land. I am vicariously living through you, it's official.
    2. pumped to see how this all goes.
    3. now following your every move... without being totally creepy. Too late right? I just mean I'm following your blog... that's all, I swear!

    1. Hi Thalita! Thank you for following along...it will be one crazy journey!