Pantry Door Steal

With all of the weird weather we have been having with the combination of our laziness and needing a break from home renovating we have been enjoying the last of our summer.

Saturday was spent inside until the rain rolled over and Branko finished up some things around the old home while I picked up some groceries.

Sunday morning we woke up early to head out for Kawartha Lakes for the day to visit some friends. They have the most quaint cottage that is just so cozy and welcoming. Last weekend when we went up we had too much fun boating and sitting on the dock that I didn't have a chance to get Branko to drive to some antique places in the area.

This weekend though....I had other plans for that hubby of mine!

We still left pretty late but we had enough time to check out one of the recommended places from Lindsay's post which you can read here about some great antique locations in the cottage country of Kawartha Lakes. I had checked on the map and knew it was just 10min down the street.

I have been looking for an antique door with glass in the upper part for sometime for the pantry in the new house. I plan to frost the windows and have some wording etched on them.

"New" door for $20!!!

We also saw this...apparently the owner built it all himself.

There you have it! Our action packed weekend...oh one other thing don't forget to add me on Instagram @countrychicreno. 


  1. I always wanted a door like that for our pantry!

  2. Seriously. You're finding the best deals on the greatest doors. I really like the idea of frosting the glass. Is there other restoration you'll have to do?

    1. Not much restoration is needed, the glass part comes out in one panel and the handle works. We just need to build a frame for the door. Just some minor sanding and paint.