12 out of 22.....Long Weekend Update

Honestly I am not even sure if I have the energy to write about what we did this weekend. 

All I can say is that as you can see in the image above many items were crossed off the list, not to mention that I added one extra item. 

23. Paint all doors in the house . Call me crazy. 

It was an excellent weekend and even though we are both completely exhausted today that for sale sign is so close.....actually it's this close:

I also got around to setting up the 2 bedrooms for staging:

Master bedroom with new carpet (the bedding will be changed to something more neutral): 

We did manage to sneak in some fun, my parents had a big BBQ to celebrate the birth of my niece. We took the Cutlass for a cruise and Branko took one of my little cousin's for a "spin"

How was everybody's Long Weekend? Are you back in the work groove....being at work for me is almost like a break these days ;) 

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  1. I know that feeling of not having the energy to write. lol I just did it too though. Got it out of the way.
    Glad to see that things are getting crossed off your TO DO list and it's getting smaller. You are almost there. Keep at it! The end is just around the corner. Oh...but you gotta stop adding to the list. lol

    Mrs White