Our Yard in our First Home

Our little retreat with a creek, a place we called home for 5 amazing years.....

Even though this place will soon no longer be ours it will always be a home we will remember with so many great memories...family gatherings, bonfires, engagement pictures and so on....

Hello pretty lantern:

Waterfalls I will miss you as I fall asleep:

The Love Bridge:

These boots will soon have a new home:

Any special spots you really love in your yard?? 


  1. Aww I'm just jumping in here but you're leaving this amazing place?! What an oasis! Gorgeous!

    1. thank you so much!!! we did already buy a new home with more land...50 acres...one day it will look as great as this yard :)

  2. Looks so serene! Good luck with the sale! Let's see some inside pictures

    1. Thanks!

      Inside pictures will be added soon! I am creating a Page for a Home Tour of our First Home once we get the professional photos taken by the real estate agents photographer!