Couch Thoughts...

I have been couch shopping for some time now. Well ever since we bought the  new house and realized that our old leather black couch was very outdated and did not belong in that beautiful open concept living space. I have been able to decide that I would like to go with a fabric material and not leather or suede(fake suede) or whatever you call it. Branko is just far too messy and would probably ruin something on that suede material plus I am just not a big fan of them. The leather couches are far too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. 

Here is the living space picture where sectional couch will go, it will be up against that back wall under those ugly lights that are now thankfully gone. 

The couch will be in a greyish tone since the walls will be white and flooring will be a walnut colour. I figure the grey tone with some colourful accents will look nice. I also plan to add 2 wing back chairs on the opposite side of the couch. I have to make sure the sectional piece on the end is not too long or sticking out too much because it will cover the French doors leading to the patio. The space looks really dark in the picture above but now that those walls are all gone and the panelling is gone it is much brighter already. 

Today I found a really great couch at Crate and Barrel. 

This couch would work really well for our living space. I like how I can take apart the entire couch and use individual pieces. I wouldn't have the extra piece on the end on the right side of the picture. 

The total costs of this couch would be with taxes $4500. Is that too much for a couch??? I know Branko's answer :). I am still couch shopping but I am just curious to know....what's the average price you would pay for a couch??? 


  1. Ouch! $4500? That's a lovely couch but that cost is not so lovely. I hope you find the same thing or something similar for a better price. That's crazy!

    Mrs White

  2. Very nice couch but that is very pricey! The most I would spend is $2000, good luck!