Harvest Table Dilemma

I have a serious dilemma in regards to the stain that I need to choose for the harvest table we are having made. Hopefully we can make a decision by the end of the week, the guy who is building the table for us also said if we could bring in some examples of the flooring and ceiling colour he can help us pick out a nice stain that would go appropriately with both. 

The below picture is what the ceiling and beam colours our. We plan on keeping those colours, all of the walls are being drywalled and will be painted some sort of off white/light greyish colour. 

Here is a picture of the table style we are having made, it's going to be a pine table with live edges to give it that rustic appeal. 

And here is a picture of what the flooring will be, we are gearing towards a hand scraped hard wood floor in a walnut tone. I don't want really dark hard wood flooring since most of it will be in sunlight all day.  

So now what colour do I stain the table?????????? Help!!!  

This past weekend our real estate agent made a visit to see the progress we have made and also provide us with some pointers on our old home in regards to what is the most important to get finished before we put it up for sale and where to move certain pieces of furniture. I think this visit gave us a nice motivation booster. We feel more confident that the tasks we need to get done will be finished in no time(2 weeks is our time frame). We also made a visit to our new home and guess what somebody (complete random stranger) graded our driveway. It was in rough shape and needed some new gravel. Whoever you are THANK YOU! 


  1. I love your idea of doing the walls in white. Behr makes a colour called COTTON FLUFF, and it is a pretty warm white ( I use it all the time).
    You will think I'm crazy...but I would white wash the ceiling too, and the ceiling beams. Could be my craziness....but I think it would look smashingly gorgeous ! Love the height in the ceilings.
    The flooring...I almost purchased the same flooring before - for a client. We then decided to go with old barn boards. We lightly sanded and clear coated them on site....it was gorgeous and cost less moola !! This year, we did the same in our house. LOVE IT !!!
    Table stain ...is the table new wood or old wood? If it is new wood...puritan pine is a nice colour. I would test different colours on the underside and see how it works with the colours of your floors.
    Everything is looking great...and WOWSERS !!! Very cool that someone graded your driveway !!! awesomeness !!!
    Lynne xx

  2. Just the sound of the name of that paint gets me excited! Cotton Fluff saved in my phone for future reference! Thank you.

    I would love to white wash the ceiling but my husband would go crazy, he loves the wood and wants to keep some aspect of it, maybe in the future I can convince him. I still have some of the wood up on the walls so I am going to test it out.

    I am not sure if the wood is old or new. But I am gearing toward the old side. I will test out the puritan pine colour it seems to be the colour we should be gearing towards!

    Thanks for you help!