DIY Mason Jar Fun

Yesterday at work I visited a co-worker who works in a different group and different floor. It's always fun having our casual talks and gets me away from the desk. Our conversations usually consist of talking about our husbands, home life, and decorating of course. We got onto the topic of Mason Jars, she is looking to create something for her sister's upcoming engagement party and  I am on a huge Mason Jar kick recently so any talk about Mason Jars is always fun. When I got back to my desk I of course pulled up pinterest and entered Mason Jars.....there were enough ideas to keep me busy for hours! Bust since I was at work and on lunch I didn't have hours for pinterest :(. But I did come across a very easy DIY Mason Jar Idea. From a previous post It's all in the biceps I mentioned the 2 boxes of 1930's/1940's mason jars that were left in our new house so I had lots to play with. The pinterest I found had painted mason jars of all different colours. Mostly light colours in pastel tones and white. I figured I would stick with the white for now until we decorate our house. 

So here it is easy peasy painted Mason Jars. I made a stop at Home Depot and picked up some white glossy paint. 

Went outside sprayed away! 

When Branko caught on that I was doing DIY/crafty things I don't think he was too impressed!! LOL. We do have so many more important tasks to complete but I was just too excited to try this out plus it was so easy! 

Sorry for the lack of lighting! I picked some flowers from the yard. I love the turnout! I also saw on pinterest the white mason jar with a candle inside. The light was able to illuminate through the white paint and looked pretty neat. I wanted to try it out this morning quickly but unfortunately I had to get ready to head out to work :( 

Here is a picture before it was painted...  

Do you prefer the before or after?? I am really liking the painted one and can't wait to use it as d├ęcor in our new home! 

Last night didn't just consist of crafty fun stuff, we finally changed one of the ceiling fans in our old house. We figured at a selling stand point it was a much better idea plus we got the fans on sale for $50 which was a great deal. 

Old hideous fan....

Newer modern fan....


  1. Hi Danica
    I am so in love with the white painted mason jar, that I am drooling. Just sayin'.

    This is the first time I have visited your blog. It's AWESOMENESS.

    You have a typo ( I HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME....LOL) and you wrote BUST instead of BUT. This makes me LOVE YOU EVEN MORE. Big time.

    Please keep it there. It was the best belly laugh, evvvha.

    You rock out loud !!! Big fat giggle going on here. Cause I am a nut like that.

    Cheers !
    Lynne xx

  2. Haha Lynne the typo is definitely staying! Usually my husband will read it first and he emails me and reminds me of my typos! Funny thing is I wrote this up at work on lunch! I also laughed out loud when I read the typo after you pointed it out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm new at this and to know somebody out there is reading is great!