House Painted, Couch update, Harvest Table and Cougar sightings!!!

I realized something this weekend....that painting is not my number 1 task on a list! I took Friday off of work since we had a full weekend planned and felt like 2 days was just not enough time to have everything completed. 

I taped up all of the trim, baseboards and windows then headed to Home Depot to pick up some paint. I ended up going with Behrs Silver Grey. At first I was worried that it might be too light and look almost white but it turned out really nice. The space looks much brighter and colour suits well with the trim and baseboards which are all stained a deep red(Brankos idea, not mine :) I was very happy with the outcome and also very happy that we were able to scratch off another item off of our massive list for the old house. Just one step closer to the for sale sign! 

Here you can see a difference in the paint colours from the old one to the new:

Enough about painting and onto our Harvest Table adventure. My harvest table love started some time ago when I came across some pictures of tables in magazines. I knew that these would fit with our home perfectly so long as I could modernize the table with some funky chairs. Branko found a guy online who was selling some extra wood that he had purchased from Mennonites. His wife told him he had too many projects on the go and said he needed to get rid of some of his wood. We woke up early Sat. morning (5:30am) and headed on our way to Oakville. The guy was renting a barn on a piece of property that also had an art gallery. This was one super cool dude. He let us go through all of the pieces of wood that he had, he gave us a ton of suggestions for the stain type we should use. Then he gave us an entire tour of the re-built barn and the art gallery! It was seriously stunning! He is also saving one more piece of wood for us that we want to come back and pick up so we can make a bench for our mudroom. Once we were done chatting with him we thanked him kindly for his time and headed off back home...of course with a pit stop at Starbucks! 

We drove straight to the little town where we found our carpentry guys who are going to build the table for us. The little town is only about 25min from our home. We spent a good hour with them talking about how we would like to the table to look and which live edge sides want to save. It's safe to say we are pretty excited about the table! The guys told us to come back in about 3 weeks so we can have a look at the progress of the work that is completed.  

Here is a picture of our beautiful pieces of wood! 

Future table update will definitely be on the blog! Oh and we also left with this:

The wine rack was sitting in the shop and when I asked if he built it all from scratch he said "yes sure did". Branko asked me if I liked it and of course my answer was yes! We have been looking for something to hold our liquor. Branko asked how much he would like for it the and the guy said if you take it right now $100 cash.The wine rack will  be stained to match the table. It also has a backing and a bottom piece. 

I wanted to thank everybody for the feedback on couches! I made a visit to a local furniture store in Orangeville which was much larger then I expected. They had some pricey furniture but they also had a large selection of couches at very good prices. Oh and they have sale going on too till July 31st! 

With all of the days excitement including a stop at the Farmers Market for fresh bread once we got home Branko felt like he needed a nap! Haha he slept for 3 hrs! 

The rest of the weekend was filled with some fun times with the neighbours around a bon fire and cleaning out the basement at our new house so we can start storing stuff down there. 

Wow, this was a long one! But I must end it off with an article I read in the Orangeville news website! Cougar sightings in Orangeville!! You can read about it here if you live in the Orangeville area. 

This has left me a little freaked out since we are moving to 50 acres of land and plan on biking and walking the trails. Guess I will just have to google "how to fend off cougars" LOL 

With all that said hope everybody had a great weekend...if you have any tips on  warding off cougars please share! ;) 


  1. Loving the wood pieces, can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Cougars ?!! Cougar ??!! What the what what ? Caahhrazzzy.

    I thought the only true COUGAR was Demi Moore. Geeezzze.

    Uhhm, P.s. You are going to be living near Orangeville ? I have a friend with a place just outside of Orangeville, and I think this means you and I MUST meet some day...since I will be sorta in your neck of the woods, sorta...one day.

    P.s. If it makes you feel any better....weird things happen in other towns. I am sure Orangeville is {safe}...hmm...

    We live just outside of Durham. A few years ago, a MOOSE walked through town. See how exciting life can get?

    NOT. *_*.



  3. haha YUP real cougars!!! meeting up would be awesome! we actually already live here on just a small 2acre lot in hockley valley(just outside of orangeville) and are moving to a bigger 50 acre lot just 2 min away from us. LOL my husbands crazy ideas ;)