Forever Home Update

It's time Branko and I kick it into high gear and start working on our "Forever Home". We have some major decisions to make in the next couple of weeks in regards to the layout of the house and trying to figure out how we are going to move the stairs. 

I must say it has been challenging! Last night we went over to the house and started measuring the 2 additions. One where the current main entrance is and one on the opposite end. We would like to have the drawings approved and get started on the base and framing.

Currently you walk into the house and straight into the kitchen, as soon as you walk in to the left are the stairs. The stair location right now is very awkward, you almost can't even see them when you walk into the house and we feel in the future it will be a real hazard. If we have people over I will always be worried that they might take a misstep and fall down the stairs, if we have kids I'm sure they will fall down the stairs, when we are grey and old WE will probably fall down the stairs. They also take up some extra dining space that I would like to have back so that I can properly fit our dining table to align with the window.

The plan was to make a 100 sq.ft addition to the entrance and create a nice foyer with storage room for firewood, pet food, jackets, shoes...you get the idea. The other end was going to be a 500 sq.ft addition for a master bedroom with an walk-in-closet and large bathroom.

After some serious thinking we realized both ends need to be the same size in order for the front of the house to still look consistent. We decided that an equal amount of 420 sq. ft on each side will work well for what we need. This now leads us with an option to try and move the current stair location into the foyer facing a different direction and completely out of the way.

The complexity of this is obviously way more then we planned for but since we plan on staying here forever then we may as well do this right.

We are not sure if this will fully work yet, once we speak to some family members and the engineer we will have a better idea of any problems that we could potentially run into and then decide if we should move the stairs.

Here is a shot of the front of the house to give you a better idea of what we are trying to achieve in regards to aesthetics from the outside.

The idea is to have the additions up before winter that way we can work inside over the winter and have the upper floor completed by next year.

If you have any ideas please feel free to through them out there!! 


  1. Speaking from experience: the stairs right beside/behind the front door thing IS a hazard. My son has fallen down the stairs at his Gpa's house more times than I can count because of this very thing: walk in door & BAM the stairs to the basement are Right.There.

    Induce heart attack and early grey hairs.

    I think that if you have the means to change that aspect then go for it! because if it bothers you now, just imagine how much it will bug you in 5-10-15 years!

  2. I went to someone's house that has stairs right by the door and they put up a nice swing gate for safety...but it is still weird! since this is your forever home i say you move them!

    also, I feel like I need to point out that ONE side of your extension plan is bigger than my whole condo!

    1. Great Casey, now my husband is going to read that comment and say "Seeeeee I told you that's big enough!" LOL

      But thanks for the tip!

  3. I love floorplans. Are you also shifting the hallway a little bit to make a little more space for the first bedroom and the bathroom? I'm completely on board with reorienting the stairs and adding on for a mudroom and a master suite--two essentials IMO... although I don't have them yet myself. :)

    1. Unfortunately the hallway can't be moved, we thought about it but then we would have to shift support beams that run across the ceiling since it's a peaked ceiling house.

  4. my husband and I are on week 51 (or has it been a whole year already?) on our addition and I totally remember this planning phase like it was yesterday. some people think I'm crazy, but I think the renovation journey is a fun one (sometimes). everything looks stellar. we added a master/walk-in/bath on ours too... among other things. xo

    1. Thanks! Most people think we nuts too considering we just finished up a major 6 month project on our old home that is now up for sale! But this our "ForeverHome" therefore the excitement is so much different!