Friday Dreaming....The Master Bathroom

I am loving this vanity and mirror...

(above picture sourced via http://pinterest.com/pin/118430665174051248/)

Now because we don't have millions of dollars to spend on what ever I want we will have to be creative and use things we have...like this antique side dining hutch:

Isn't it stunning! The plan is to remove the top(it's not even secured down) and replace it with a marble counterop. The middle part pops out and is perfect for one nice square sink. We also want to refinish the colours on the vanity(although Branko would prefer to leave it as is). 

Here is another picture of the detailed carving:

 We also have this antique gold plastered mirror. It does need some work as well but we know a few people who might be able to help us out..

This bathroom will be large enough for a stand up shower and a soaker tub. We will probably go with something a little more affordable but the below soaker tub is too stunning to not post:

(above picture sourced via http://pinterest.com/pin/118430665174057185/)

Feel free to go on over to my Pinterest Bathroom Board here. I have a few more pictures pinned of large mirrors and vanities that I am dreaming about!

Any master bathroom tips for me?? Would you transform those beautiful pieces above or leave them as they are?


  1. I want to lie in that tub!! i wish I had a bigger budget for my bathroom, but maybe in my next house! cant wait to see what you do

  2. I'm with you on changing up the colours on the vanity! Although no matter what happens with it, it's a gorgeous piece and will make a stunning vanity.

  3. I can't believe how well that sideboard matches your vanity inspiration pic. I'm with you on painting it absolutely. White all the way. I think that will make the carving really stand out. You can bring in the gold or silver with the hardware. For the mirror, I like the silver frame, but I think gold would work equally well. And I'm a yes please all the way on that tub. I'm a few years away from my master ensuite (it will require an addition to the house), so I'll take some inspiration from you!